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In addition with the duties designated to board members, each member shall:

•    Be of highest integrity

•    Have a Bona fide license or certificate of character

•    The “Managing Committee”  will analyse and approve  all new membership requests

•    Support the mission, vision, and strategic plans of ‘ATP’

•    Be fully engaged in the smooth running of the association

•    Not leak any kind of information that may harm/lead to prejudice of ATP

•    Work in a team spirit

•    Represent the association in a professional way whenever appointed

•    Recommend ‘ATP’ to adherents who meet the requirements to be a member

•    Attend the maximum of meetings

•    Use appropriate language (no vulgarity) both verbal and physical during meetings and functions

•    Any kind of indecent or inappropriate behavior shall be considered as severe misconduct

•    Not to raise personal frustrations or conflicts
•    Only the president or any member designated by the board can talk to the media on behalf of the association

•    Wearing of pin is compulsory during our general meetings, social gatherings and functions in relation with ATP

Any of these criteria’s not respected shall be considered as a ‘breach’ between  Association  of Tourism Professionals and the member.

Become Members

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